Careers with an MS in Psychology

careers with ms in psychology
What can you do with a master’s in psychology? You can engage with fascinating questions about human behavior and make valuable contributions within many different work environments. Psychologists apply the scientific method to understand how people think and behave, and the resulting insights can be applied in variety of contexts beyond the clinical setting. All types of organizations—private businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and schools—can benefit from professionals who are equipped with advanced knowledge of psychological principles.

If you’re considering a graduate education, you’ll discover rewarding opportunities in a wide range of careers with a master’s in psychology. According to 2017 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial-organizational psychologists earn an average salary of $102,530. The following roles offer ample chances to apply psychological concepts to key business functions that yield advantages for leadership, hiring practices, marketing campaigns and worker productivity.

Organizational consultants offer valuable perspective

Organizational consultants are well positioned to turn psychological concepts into meaningful change within companies and institutions. These outside experts help organizations reach their potential by recommending strategies to increase efficiency and enable long-term growth. Consultants may come from different educational and professional backgrounds, but they can accomplish a great deal by drawing on a deep understanding of psychology.

Businesses only thrive with employees who are well-trained and motivated to fulfill their daily goals. Consultants with psychological training know how to evaluate both individual and overall performance, identifying where processes for onboarding or professional development are falling short. They may directly interview workers or observe them on the job to learn how existing policies play out in the field.

Organizational consultants then report on their findings to decision-makers with presentations and written reports. Based on feedback from workers, their own observations and the awareness of group dynamics that comes from a psychology program, they may suggest changes that help departments function more effectively and strengthen company culture. Consultants may put a business on the right track by perceiving the connections between its overall structure and the outcomes for each employee.

Market research analysts explore consumers’ motivations

Every business strives to offer products or services that fulfill the needs and desires of customers. To earn the public’s loyalty and achieve lasting success, decision-makers need a clear perspective on what people want and how much they’re willing to pay. That’s where market research analysts come in, tracking sales trends and evaluating the effectiveness of their organizations’ strategies.

Specialists study consumer demographics and buying habits to determine the best approach for maximizing sales and customer satisfaction. Analysts must have a firm grasp on the business concepts involved in bringing products and services to market, but also a thorough understanding of purchasers’ motivations as evidenced in interviews, surveys, focus groups and literature reviews. An advanced educational background in psychology can be an asset when gathering this information, performing analysis or developing visualizations and reports that decision-makers can understand.

The demand for highly qualified market research analysts is growing as companies across industries increasingly prioritize robust data in setting objectives and developing strategies. The BLS projected 23 percent growth in positions through 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations, and noted that prospects were best for candidates with master’s degrees.

Human resources and practice managers bring value to organizations

Professionals who are well-versed in psychological principles bring value to essential organizational roles. Studying the factors behind how people think and act in the workplace readies a human resources or practice manager to take on complicated challenges while balancing the interests of various individuals or departments.

HR managers are tasked with implementing an organization’s larger strategic plans through personnel decisions. The analytical skills gained from studying psychology can help them to evaluate the human capital in a company’s workforce and make changes that ensure all necessary competencies are readily available. Through careful research and testing, HR managers establish best practices for recruiting, training, compensating and motivating employees.

Practice managers specialize in the administrative needs of medical organizations, whether a general practitioner’s office or a hospital department. They may have a broad assortment of responsibilities that commonly include maintaining a full staff, guarding the privacy of patient records and seeking out ways to streamline the practice. With experience in helping teams to cooperate and reach shared goals, managers are equipped to handle the organizational demands that go along with providing high-quality care.

About Lynn University’s online M.S. in psychology

Lynn University’s online M.S. in psychology (M.S. PSY) offers students a comprehensive course of study with the flexibility to suit their own unique strengths and goals. Students completing their M.S. PSY degree online through Lynn University customize their program by choosing between the General and the Industrial/Organizational Tracks. I/O students take electives directed toward their long-term objectives, such as courses in management and human resources from the Lynn MBA curriculum.

Along the way, you learn from experts in the field in an engaging online learning environment and have the option to use the iPad that’s offered to all M.S. PSY students upon admission. With the convenience to view lectures and complete assignments on your own schedule, you can finish the program in as little as one year. Take a look at our careers page to learn more about how you can solve complex organizational problems with the knowledge and skills you develop from earning an advanced degree in psychology.

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